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Friday, May 13th, 2005
5:31 pm - For this special day, I made this meme:
Your Friday the 13th by 53_foof
Where you will go haunted-housing:a cornfield, where Jed and Darla were abducted.
Whom you are haunted by:teenagedeathgrl
Who will die first (sorry :P):billyanddomsluv
Who will converse with Elvis in a seance:kirstie89
What you should look out for:rabid fangirls.
Who will be turned into a pile of neon ooze:maryevy
Who will betray you and ensue a long monologue:markit__zero
The magic word to save the day!:Eckytang-gloop-AH!
How many times you'll have to say it:9,665
Your chances of survival: 67%
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Have fun! And don't walk under any ladders! ;P

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Friday, March 18th, 2005
3:41 pm
((Note: Yes, I don't blog here anymore--but just in case I get any lurkers from the fantastical world of GreatestJournal, I'm going to promote my community! You know you want to join! ;D))

This is a meme, but it is an interactive one. There will be a theme each week and then quotes adhering to that theme. I'm hoping to post <>daily.

I started this community to bring together lovers and collectors of quotes and allow them to post their thoughts on certain quotes--perhaps memories evoked by a quote, smells, hopes, joys, or general thoughts on the subject. So, it's very important to comment, members.

I'm hoping to make this a home for friendly exchanges--babbling or coherent. So, naturally, I'm ambitious enough to make some quidelines:

-No chainmail quotes(the kind where they are framed by little text-created decorations and really are not deep--if it is good enough, you can find it somewhere else.)

-Be considerate in language--I know this is rather general. I don't mind cussing; I understand some intelligent things said that are crude, can be that for a reason: it takes the reader out of their comfort zone and makes them think--but every other word is a little much. And any words with aims to offend are better kept off of this community--e-mail them or PM them if you hate something that they said with a fiery passion. (Don't know why you're taking it so seriously . . . )

-Credit the speaker(If it is not known, put 'anonymous')--someone may particularly like the quote and check out its source--and you can say you introduced them. ;)

-1 quote per post. But that doesn't mean you have to have one quote per day, necessarily!

-Only administrators can post.

-A n y o n e can join.

I am looking for administrators willing to post quotes. If you're interested, join, then either PM me, comment at my journal/53_foof with a few of your favorite quotes. That's it! =)

If this community interests you, TAKE A LOOK.


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Tuesday, January 11th, 2005
9:06 pm - Wheeee, procrastinating is quite a full-filling experience . . .
*ironic looks from readers*

. . . Ye-e-eahh . . .

You Are 18 Years Old


13-19: You are a teenager at heart. You question authority and are still trying to find your place in this world.

Well, that about fits--though one year older, but who's counting, really?


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Tuesday, January 4th, 2005
9:22 pm - EVERYONE READ:
GREATESTJOURNAL is wonderful! Just like LiveJournal in its composition and purpose--but better! It's hard to believe how much you can do with a free account!! Great layout options for everyone, 1000 icons, and . . . uhm, 1000 icons! O.O

Here's mine!

I'm in love with my layout . . . Hee.

current mood: peachy

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Saturday, January 1st, 2005
9:07 pm - I'M GOING!!!!!!!!

Elphaba and Fiyero are love

(I'm also utterly and hopelessly obsessed with OBC Phantom and semi-obsessed with the movie--I've seen it twice and have a third viewing planned. :P)

This summer is going to be so great!

Extra thanks and a virtual Reese's chocolate peanutbutter cup (~_^) to renoir_girl who made me a lovely birthday graphic! And welcome, medjai_angel!

[EDIT]I guess I was too vague; remember this?[/EDIT]

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Thursday, December 23rd, 2004
10:57 am - FA RA RA RA RA-A-A
Happy Christhanakwanzadanstice! To be completely accurate(and secular) here. :P The Peg's rehearsal/cookie party got me in the mood. Sooooo much fun. Seriously. I think it should be illegal, it was so great. :P

And to make my day even better, I saw The Phantom of the Opera the movie. FINALLY I know what's exactly happening! But, more about that later . . .

Anyway, I decided to post here and, as they say, count my blessings. YOU GUYS! I'm sending you all a gift, so look out(better not pout)!

Hannah: Such a supporting girl! No questions asked! That's why I LOVE YA, MAN! And, of course, the insane ponderings we have at the wee hours of the morning. That makes me leave with my mind reeling. We have to do something together, dah-ling! And I know we can because we have no musical rehearsal until the end of break! XD!

MedjaiAngel: You are thee definition of sweetheart! I love how you persistently comment everytime even if the post is completely irrelevant to anything you know of me. And, of course, you're all the splendid because you're a Mummy movie fan! I love the incoherrent exchanges over TM3 we have! (C'mon, Steve!!!)

PZB: All these years . . . *sigh* And I'm now going to close my site. All well, it's not your inspiration that died; it's more like my busy life beat it down defenseless. :D So-o-o-o, got any other musical recommendations for me?? ;)

renoir_girl: I've always thought you were very selfless and creative! You inspired me to write more than I used to. And a Brendan Fraser fan! B) Can't get much better than that, can it?

And to my Friendlist: Thanks for posting some amusing stuff! If I haven't commented on some of them, it's probably because I was stunned to silence. LOL, okay, not really, but I can't always comment.

. . . Ahh, it was fun when we were the first people in the area to see Phantom(I still can't believe we were one of the select cities!). The phantom's voice bugged me--not operatic at all; I wasn't convince he was a musical genius. And his enunciation was too, too, too American. X|

But, alas, his acting was quite good. He definitely established the tensity. And everyone else had good voices! (Was that really Minnie Driver?! I've been reading we was dubbed, but they don't credit her singing voice . . .)Worth the see, especially for us who never got to see the stage show . . Some justification for us. Le sigh.

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Friday, December 17th, 2004
10:08 am - YESSS!
Winter break is here!!!! Finally!

Ye gods, this week was agonizing at school . . . What kind of class--that I had--assigned so much homework the last week of school?! Pshhh.

Good thing I had musical practice to cheer me up(I swear, no one has ever complimented me saying beautiful so much as Peg(the director) has. *grin*

Yesterday was mostly crappy, though. I had no lunch, for starters. See, our girls jazz choir had a 'gig' at a luncheon and I figured we would be back in time for lunch. We didn't, and Mrs. Minard said she had told us to bring our own lunch. No one in the choir remembered her ever saying that! So, basically, I was starving--save the chocolate I got that morning and a little square of caramel of many Kara made for Spanish(Of all days to not make a good old enchilada . . .) Cruel irony of cruel ironies, we performed for a luncheon!

When we got back I had the other bit of chocolate I had. I got so sick with sweets, and I was still hungry. Of course, Emily was not smart and did not bring enough money for the vending machines . . If that would have eased my stomach.

Then I walked into Trig. and found out I can not finish my cumulative test--finish from number 25. So, it's safe to say that's an 'F'! Gah! EVERY YEAR, no matter how hard I work, I always get screwed over in Algebra.

So, I'm going to take the finals on Monday(Since they're optional here). Ooooh, I hate math . . . .

Then we ran the whole show for the first time in musical practice . . .

Lol. BUT I am happy now! Free time! (sort of--I just need to go shopping today! Meep!)

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Saturday, December 4th, 2004
11:28 pm - "Wishing Only Glooms the Heart"
I WANT TO SEE WICKED IN CHICAGO!!!! I haven't seen a broadway theater show since . . . Well, before I loved musicals--so, seven years, at least. *whimper*

Yes, my friend Erin burnt me a copy of the soundtrack a while ago-only the first nine songs work--but I've been listening to it non-stop the past three days. It's . . Well . . -WICKED awesome! :D

. . . Whee, I've been up since four AM, so I hope you'll excuse me for being ambiguous, but . . Good night . . .

current mood: anxious

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Wednesday, November 24th, 2004
5:27 pm - *whimper*


Yes, and now I'm trying to figure out this writing prompt:

Describe grief 3 ways, drawing on a different sense each time.

Ways? As in how it smells and feels and looks? Lol . . . I guess, in this area, anything's right. That's why I love writing.

Hey--speaking of which, I posted a new 'story'(More like a dribble.) at my Fiction Press.net account. It's meant to be thought-provoking, ambiguous, etc. . .

(Probably my documented paper on Romanticism is to blame here . . . :P)

Also, I sat and thought for a while last weekend and really thought about my fantasy story. I told myself, I said, "Self . . The fact that you've written three chapters even though you've planned out how the plot is almost exactly and still have milled over it for over a year has got to be a red flag." I hate to admit it; but maybe I just can't write fantasy. Or, it's just hard for me, considering this would be my first fantasy writing ever. Before then, all I'd done was historical fiction. So. Historical fiction might be a good idea.

I really didn't want to face defeat because I was developing a habit of not finishing things, so I just refused. But this is getting ridiculous.

. . . Mmm, so. Hello, Grief 1, 2, and 3 . . . Tell me about yourselves . . .

current mood: calm

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Sunday, November 14th, 2004
1:00 am - 'Eehee . . .
I saw The Incredibles today. It was really good.

But I was quite distracted considering the first trailer.

G'uhhh . . . . G'uhh . . . My parents told me no squealing before it, so I had to hold it in. When it was over I felt like crying for joy. Lol, I really wanted to laugh and shout and blather on and on about it with someone else . . .

Cripes, that lava planet looks AWESOME! And the kiss! How cruel can George get? Giving us a tenth of a second to watch, then have us twitching the rest of the time.

. . . And the eyes! Holy CRAP, the eyes! I saw pictures of it online first, but, this was soooo much better. I just loved seeing--well, just seeing it.

The wookies! And Yoda! (Where was Mace? *tear*) And that bit where Obi-Wan is speaking over the first part about how he trained Darth Vader . . I know that wasn't in A New Hope--so, was it a cut part?

. . . Looloolooo, I'm currently downloading Quicktime so I can see this. So many things require Quicktime and not what I have, so this is for more than the reason to see the trailer. Really . .

*looks around suspiciously*

Hey, I'm tired. I babysat the trio again tonight, didn't have any dinner before than because of going to the theater. Luckily, I had a big lunch, so I just made it. I forgot to put my hair in a ponytail before going, though. Big no-no. Every chance he got, the six-month-old named Own got a snatch at my hair.



Right. Maybe I should talk about why Untold-Tale has not been updated and still wishes all a Happy Halloween! Hehe.

In short, I'm letting it expire. I've been thinking about this for so long now, more consistantly since my whiny post here. This just isn't my escape from reality anymore. I don't have problems facing it like I used to, and it's becoming the pain my real life used to be, so why let it drag me down?

So, I'm going to get a lot out of this online world and focus on e-mailing and writing when I'm at the computer. I still love making graphics. So, I'm hoping to attain the Evelyn fanlisting(!)--which is listed in 'troubles'(Or should be--the moderator told me she would over a month ago but hasn't). I don't know how long it has to be there until someone can take over, but whatever it takes . . .]

So, soon I'm going to get a new, paid e-mail account that will not have immense spammage and advertising after each e-mail.

Well, take care everyone! *eyes download window*

Note:About the love-triangle-thing, I've decided not to care about it so much. I had really started to annoy myself with all the brooding after that party when she was eventually sitting on his lap and his arm was around her shoulders. Yes, It hurt. But, she depends more upon dating than I ever could and I was just tired of it. So I just told myself I wouldn't care, and the next day at lunch, I told Hannah(another Hannah ;P) since she won't say anything to me, I'll just say I've decided I'm okay with it--then she said, "Are you sure?" sounding really concerned. I just couldn't help but hear my inner voice say,After all that flirting and touching, do you really think you should have said that? In actuality, I just blithely said, "Yeah, I'm fine."

I'm so glad I'm not boy crazy . . .

[EDIT]Oh! There's Mace. ^_^[/EDIT]

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Friday, November 5th, 2004
2:54 pm - RL=Almost perfect
Ultimately, life is SWEET because I GOT A (FRICKIN') LEAD IN THE (FRICKIN') MUSICAL! I could not stop thinking that to myself yesterday when the results were posted; at the same time, I was fighting the temptation to hop happily when I was with my miserable friends. One was crying (you may remember me mention her; Elizabeth) most of the day because she got 'Lady 2'. It's really not fair, though, because she and I got written in parts where we walked across stage during the intro and and sang the last song(actually--reprise). And another was rightly upset because she didn't even get in--and she's a very good actress! And then my 'lover' from the last play was upset, too. Ahh! Heh, yes, he was upset because his family doesn't want him to talk to his girlfriend anymore because they were caught making out . . Yeah, I bet it was a little more than that. BUt I felt sorry for him.

So, yes, I am Lady Larken--not the lead I tried out for, but it turns out she's quite a character also ;)--and pregnant. LOL.

Yes, I'm pregnant.

Lol, that's going to be freaking out some people who don't read the rest of this. :P So, my friends were teasing me for having a big lunch today, then Sandra(also in the musical) chimed in, "Well, remember, she's eating for two now."

Hmm, got to go, I have rehearsel. (!!)

[EDIT: 8:21 PM] Well, I'm back. I did not want the rehearsal*(*Hits self alongside the head*-A-L!) today, but it did . . All well. It's only the first one. ;P

So remember I said 'almost' perfect? Well, the part that is making it just a tiny bit perfect is this whole dating thing.

Not really dating, just a crush I've had for a year. I asked him out this spring and he looked really surprised, said he'd think about it, and told me he was 'too busy' three days later. So, I've been keeping my distance with him, but I really want to get to know him, so I'm working hard to keep us friends. (He's so-o-o shy . . ) Well, now, one of my close friends likes him and I first completely realized it when she had her party and she was messing with his hair, trying to tickle him, etc. . . .

So, now she asked Elizabeth if I still liked him, even though I said I did before she set a date for her party when she asked me on the phone. Elizabeth said she thought so, and she 'looked worried'--as it was reported by Elizabeth. She acts timid around me, but doesn't ever say anything. Then she had Liz ask me 'discretely' if I still liked him, and I said, "Yes, I've told her,"--even though Liz didn't ever say who, I knew. So, I went on, "If she had ever talked to me about it, she'd know Kyle and I have no hope, really, so she has every right to pursue him."

Yeah, I guess I'm just too honest. I never knew honesty could cause such awkwardness. I just wish everyone were more straight-forward about things . . . I think after three years, she knows me well enough. I just want Kyle to be happy.

. . . Oh, and I have another party tomorrow; Kyle and Hannah are also invited. I think it's time for some talking, don't you think?

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Wednesday, October 20th, 2004
8:01 pm - I must be in the middle school of my online life . .
. . because I'm very dissatisfied with it. It's not new and exciting so much any more so I'm not a taking a go-getter approach to being a real pal and visiting friends' sites hoping some day they'll return the favor.

And the ones who do visit and comment don't when I post about politics because they're conservitive and--I'm sorry--but, sometimes it drives me nuts! And the people whose views I do like, just don't care or don't show they care.

(Boy, I feel pouty--but I've felt this way for years; so why not vent?)

All well. The winds have changed to my favor in real life. I mean really. Everyone likes me, I'm doing well in school, and the musical coming up at school(Once Upon a Mattress, baby!). I've decided now that this so-busy-I'm-planning-to-get-a-moment-to-eat-and-sleep thing isn't going to stop too soon. And I'm happy with it(o_0 Yep). And not happy with this so much. So-o-o U-T will sometime this month go on a hiatus and TNLR will be until Episode III is released.

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Wednesday, October 13th, 2004
11:50 am - See the pretty LJ in that scree-een there . . .
Whose can that attractive LJ be-e?

Lol. I'm okay. But I finally found the place where I can edit background images again! I've had this one sitting at my photobucket accound collecting dust for a few months now . .

So, I like the purple and green . . Very fun. *nods* Now I just need to make/get a new default icon or something . .

Oh, no--I have to get the new layout up at the domain.

*scurries off to finish it*

Had to stop what I was doing and post this; it's a day late, though:

October 12, 1998

Listen to the mustn'ts, child.
Listen to the don'ts.
Listen to the shouldn'ts,
The impossibles, the won'ts.
Listen to the never haves,
Then listen close to me ...
Anything can happen, child.
Anything can be.

~ Shel Silverstein

Six years ago today, Matthew Shepard was murdered for being homosexual.

What will you do to end the silence?

Click here to post this on your own page or weblog


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Friday, September 3rd, 2004
9:36 am - Oh, fun . . . ^_^
Your Literary Adventure by renoir_girl
Your LJ Username
Your birthday
Your favorite housepet
Where you'll be when your adventure beginsIn the English countryside
What will happenYour home and family will be destroyed, leaving you no option but to avenge their deaths.
You will require the assistance ofThe tremendously obese wife of your husband's brother, and a sultry bisexual lounge singer.
You will struggle againstSexism, extreme poverty, racism, illiteracy, and despair.
The climactic struggle will take place inThe psychiatrist's office.
Your victory will be assured only whenYour nemesis dies.
For your efforts, you will receiveA better understanding of yourself and your spouse.
Just when you thought it was all overYou are called upon to save the galaxy in a tremendous interstellar battle.
At long last, you willStart your own business with friends and support yourselves in a caring community.
Quiz created with MemeGen!

This is a cool meme; props to renior_girl. *claps*
WORK, FTP!!! WORK!!! Blast is all, I want to update!

*headesk repeatedly until numb*

Grr . . .

Oh, yes, day off today. Yeh-hoooo. Nothing to do . . (And I rhymed. :P)

Well, except finish chapter four of me fantasy story--which sounds good at the moment. *nods*

current mood: refreshed

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Thursday, July 29th, 2004
10:16 pm - Basic utterance
Hee. That phrase sounds like it should fit between www. and .com ;). My mom thought it up when we talked on the phone today.

*sigh* I've been waiting for Stinger--which is the program that is supposed to delete my Spyware (An ulta virus I'm having major troubles with. :/) files. So far, I don't think I'm using it correctly. So, I've been tapping in on his work e-mail. *sheepish grin* He said he wasn't busy!

Yeah, so that's why I haven't blogged. And I didn't want to be online much: I, at least, managed to stay offline a whole weekend. I just don't want to spread the virus around, you know? And I hear this Spyware is tricky and takes in your computer habits and uses it to its own twisted advantage to screw up the computer.

Dad says his game's not freezing so much as it used to, so that's a good sign. :D

Whelp, while I wait, I want to rant about 'Mrs. Winterbourn' which features the so-wonderful-is-almost-painful man Brendan Fraser! *claps*

Now I Want to Learn How to Tango!

Heehee. Brendan's character development could have been better--but it blew Tom Cruise and Ben Affleck clear out of the water! I just can't help but always expect greatness from him--which, in all honesty, isn't bad.

I loved how the main girl didn't have a perfect body, but she was really really pretty, nonetheless. I just love these romantic comedies with odd circumstances!

*squee* Bwendan stuttering and his little quips were so adorable. He was kind of a Rick-meets-Elliot(Bedazzled)-meets-someone else. ;) Lovely. *clasps hands* Lovely, lovely.

G'uh, I laughed so hard when he kept saying 'good night' just to find he was going in the wrong direction, so he says good night again and--naturally--gives her another kiss. *chuckles*

. . . Man, I've got to finish that U-T layout. *winks at MA* Ahh, the 'Guess What layout Emily will make next' game, I'm quite familiar with it!--*cough*Sort of. :P

*points at new icon* So, the title is revealed!! Let the rabid fangirlishness further ensue, baby! *rubs hands together*

current mood: Impatient

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Monday, July 19th, 2004
10:01 am - I WON!
My entry at potc__hush won FIRST PLACE! Lol, my first entry! Imagine!

*points eagerly*

<-- The icon. :D

current mood: ecstatic

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Friday, July 16th, 2004
12:02 pm - *holds breath* . . . Just entered into my first icon contest . .
It's at a PotC community I found yesterday and I thought, "Why not try it?" :)

A nice textless icontest--lol. Font's just don't agree with me on icons, so I figure this is the best.

current mood: artistic

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Wednesday, June 30th, 2004
7:26 pm - This is just too cool not to post.
How to make a jedi_ankh

3 parts pride

3 parts brilliance

3 parts beauty
Stir together in a glass tumbler with a salted rim. Top it off with a sprinkle of emotion and enjoy!


Personality cocktail
From Go-Quiz.com

Wow, I sound like a Martini Sunrise! *grin*

Oh, and must post this to show my minority pride:

98% of the teenage population does or has tried smoking pot. If you're one of the 2% who hasn't, copy & paste this into your journal.

So-o-o-o-o, to all of my friends; if you've never commented here before, please do this time and tell me what you think of my icon.

Too busy/hard to read? What?

I'm trying to improve myself . . . .

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Friday, June 11th, 2004
2:36 pm - Yay
It's working.

Just as I suspected; it was an embarrassingly simple solution . . . .

Hee :0)

current mood: apathetic

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Wednesday, June 9th, 2004
11:35 pm - Must. Rant.
Hello, all. How're you? Better than I am, probably . . .

I gave up on Blogger and tried Greymatter, read a bunch of help, tutorial-types and though, This won't be too bad. It's just the word 'install' that scared me away.

*smacks lips* Whelp, tried it. And tried over. Uh, tried it again.

Asked 'Nah for help, since she uses it. SHe finally just went into my FTP for me. She got it farther than I.

Mmm . . N-nothin'.

Nothing showing up at the URl http://untold-tale.com . . .

Nada . . . .

So, I'm hear because my grousing part of my brain needs to whine.

Whine, whine.

Uh, yeah. Some rant this is. More like .. . Something else.

I think that's my cue to go to bed . . .

*hugs vashysgirl* Thanks for the help anyway!

current mood: Hopeless

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